Holiday Rituals Bundle - HINOKI FANTOME

Holiday Rituals Bundle - HINOKI FANTOME


Try out these limited edition scents from the Holiday Rituals collection or stock up on your favorite ones before they're gone with our special HOLIDAY RITUAL BUNDLES!


1 x 28 oz 4.75 inches tall MAGNUM Hinoki Fantome

1 x 1 x 8.5 oz 3.4 inches tall Standard Hinoki Fantome

resin, hinoki, cardamom, jasmine, moss and guiac

Invoke the spirit of the holidays through smoking Japanese cedar and jasmine pearls. As winter nights chill, warm up your home with holiday celebrations and the cult classic, HINOKI FANTÔME.   Because of the resinous aroma of smoking cypress, warm and meditative earthy spice notes and quiet fresh moss, HINOKI FANTÔME's vibrant timber can induce a state of meditative serenity.

Each candle is made of dyed coconut and beeswax blend with braided cotton wick, in matte ombre glass tumbler with reflective gold/brassy label.

Comes in embossed matte ombre carton with gold/brassy details.